Grant Program

The Gogebic Range Health Foundation (GRHF) encourages entities, organizations and agencies which are directly or indirectly involved with improving health through programs and activities in our geographic area (Gogebic-Iron Range) to submit proposals for grant funding to help them achieve their objectives.

Who does the Gogebic Range Health Foundation Fund?

The GRHF generally makes grants to the following organizations:

  • Tax exempt organizations under 501(c)(3)
  • Public agencies including school districts, state, county and city governments
  • Organizations and agencies located in the Gogebic – Iron Range; Iron County and Ashland County, Wisconsin, Gogebic County and Ontonagon County, Michigan.

GRHF does not make grants to for-profit organizations, individuals, sectarian or religious activities, political campaigns or causes, or organizations that do not comply with the foundations non-discrimination policy.


The GRHF strives to inspire community based health initiatives that align with the Foundation's mission, vision and purpose. Funding priority will be given to projects that strongly relate to one of the priority areas.

Priority Areas

  • Community programs, projects or partnerships that promote healthy lifestyles and wellness; i.e. Physical activity, healthy eating, good mental health practices etc.
  • Collaborative programs or projects that have a lasting impact on the health outcomes of the Gogebic – Iron Range i.e. changes to the physical environment, food environment, positive social spaces etc.

The GRHF awards two types of grants over a year-long funding cycle:

Large Grants ($2,000 +) – Applications will be accepted biannually.

Grant Application Due Date Grant Award Date
April 5 May
October 4 November

Small Grants ($500 - $2,000) – Applications will be accepted quarterly.

Grant Application Due Date Grant Award Date
March 1 April
June 7 July
September 6 October
December 6 January