Only One Earth: 4 things you can do to reduce waste

World Environment Day is celebrated June 5. This day reminds us all that there is only one earth and we must do what we can to protect it.

An action we can all take to help reduce waste and support a cleaner environment is to limit the number of things we use and then throw away. Single-use products can amount to a lot of trash.

4 things you can do

  • When printing is necessary, print double-sided. Always use recycled paper, which produces 39 percent less waste.
  • Skip the straw or choose a compostable one when needed. Plastic straws can’t be easily recycled. Americans used about 390 million plastic straws each day in 2017.
  • Opt for a reusable water bottle. Globally, 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute.
  • Recycle whenever possible. When visiting our Aspirus locations, please make use of the recycling bins placed throughout our campuses.

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