Prone Breast Board Enhances Cancer Treatment at James Beck Cancer Center

The Aspirus Cancer Care – James Beck Cancer Center in Rhinelander is turning breast cancer treatment upside down as it recently implemented an innovative device called a prone breast board to assist during radiation treatment of breast cancer.

The specialized board allows the patient to be placed face down (prone position) on their stomach during treatment as opposed to laying on their back. Most radiation treatments are delivered with the patient lying on their back but there can be advantages to delivering precisely targeted radiation with the patient lying on their stomach. 

“What the prone breast board does is allow the treated breast to fall naturally away from the body with gravity but at the same time compress the opposite breast,” said Andrew Huang, Radiation Oncologist, Aspirus Cancer Care. “This positioning allows for beam angles that minimize unwanted radiation to the opposite breast, lungs, and heart.” 

The Aspirus Rhinelander Hospital Foundation funded the purchase of the prone breast board and Dr. Huang noted how essential that was for the community. “As soon as I took over care of this area, I wanted to bring the level of technology and the technical abilities of the James Beck Cancer Center to the maximum possible. I’m so very grateful for this investment in patient care by the Foundation,” he stated.

“It’s important our community knows their support truly does make a difference for our patients,” said Diana Harris, Aspirus Rhinelander Hospital Foundation Board Chair.

“We’re honored to reinforce the initiatives and continued growth of the James Beck Cancer Center,” added Board Member Amy Vanney. 

Aspirus Cancer Care – James Beck Cancer Center offers cancer care closer to home and has a network of cancer specialists offering treatments for many types of adult cancer, including: medical oncology with oral and infusion chemotherapy, radiation therapies, gynecologic oncology, rehabilitation therapies, including lymphedema therapy, palliative medicine for managing pain and symptoms, surgical oncology and options for breast reconstruction, and supportive care with patient navigators, financial advocates, healing arts therapy and nutrition and wellness programs.

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