Jada Kautzer Wins Aspirus Riverview DAISY Award

Congratulations to Jada Kautzer, winner of Aspirus Riverview's quarterly DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Jada is a registered nurse in the hospital’s intensive care unit and was nominated by a co-worker, who wrote:

My husband was a patient on Med/Surg when he had a medical emergency. He had just arrived on the floor and was starting the admitting process when he became nauseated and diaphoretic with chest pain. His nurse came in and put a heart monitor on him. The next thing we knew, there were several staff members in his room, and they were whisking him to ICU. There, the nurses, with the guidance of Dr. Reahm, started IVs for nitro and heparin and started oxygen.

I was amazed at the compassion Jada showed to my husband. Shortly after he arrived in ICU, Jada got close to his face and told him, "We need you to stay calm. There's going to be lots of people in here poking at you. We're going to help you." She knew he was anxious and was right there to reassure him. She's an angel. Jaime (Petersen) was also in the room assisting Jada. She presented herself with confidence and caring. She even joked with him a bit, which is "right" with his personality. It's like she knew him. I watched Kayla (Schultz) seem to take charge. I was in awe of her actions, as she was one who was there when he was brought to ICU. I remember all of this in slow motion. It seemed like they all worked in unison with foresight and collaboration. I had complete trust that everyone knew what they were doing, and I was amazed at how calmly this played out. That was reassuring to me.

A decision was made to transfer him to Wausau via helicopter. Wait, what!? It was very scary, but again, I felt he was in great hands, and everyone was doing their part to make sure he was going to be OK. We are so grateful that everything turned out OK in the end. I was able to see these awesome, caring, compassionate people in action and doing their best to save a life. Thank you SO, SO much!

The DAISY Award recognizes the outstanding and extraordinary care nurses provide every day. Our Aspirus DAISY Award winners and nominees exceed the needs and expectations of patients and families by displaying the Aspirus core values of: Compassion, Accountability, Collaboration, Foresight and Joy.