Dani Kilps Wins Aspirus Riverview Sunflower Award

Congratulations to Dani Kilps, Certified Athletic Trainer with Aspirus Riverview Therapies. Dani is the winner of Aspirus Riverview's quarterly Sunflower Award.

Dani was nominated by a teammate, who described how she and Aspirus Business Health Nurse Supervisor Lisa Lewandowski saved the life of an Aspirus Business Health client when he collapsed at his workplace.

Lisa and Dani immediately grabbed an AED and first aid kit and responded to the scene, where one of the man's co-workers was already performing chest compressions. After a quick assessment, Dani took over the chest compressions, while Lisa asked staff to call 911 and attached the AED electrode pads.

The AED indicated the man needed defibrillation, so Lisa followed her training and the AED's messages, ultimately delivering six defibrillations. Meanwhile, Dani and several of the man's co-workers rotated performing chest compressions for about 20 minutes until EMS arrived and took him to the hospital. A week later, the man was out of the hospital and visiting his workplace. He had a pacemaker implanted and no memory of, or ill effects from, his experience.

The Sunflower Award recognizes Aspirus Health's support staff for the extraordinary care and support they deliver every day while demonstrating our core values: Compassion, Accountability, Collaboration, Foresight and Joy. Winners receive a Sunflower Award pin, a bouquet, a certificate, a banner for their department, and a covered parking spot for the quarter.

Other Aspirus Riverview team members nominated for the Sunflower Award this quarter are: Ashley Kline, Olivia Stroik, Janette Drews, Crystal Quackenbush, Deborah Drewke, Grace Vogt, Karen Fletcher, Sabrina Albiter, Thomas Wandry (2) and Brittany Franssen.