Aspirus Medford Foundation: Quarterly Giving Update

(Medford, WI)-Donor gifts allowed the Aspirus Medford Foundation to purchase the following items to enhance and strengthen the quality of care at Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics. 

Hypertension is a common medical disorder in pregnancy in the United States. For mothers with signs of maternal hypertension, home blood pressure cuffs will be provided upon discharge from the Aspirus Medford Birthing Center and/or Emergency Department. The purchase of 24 blood pressure cuffs will encourage at home self-monitoring and positive outcomes for an anticipated 24 mothers and 24 babies in the coming year.

An otoscope is an instrument designed for visual examination of the eardrum and outer ear while an opthalmoscope is designed to inspect the retina and other parts of the eye.  Healthcare providers often use these instruments during routine clinic visits. Up to five (5) sets of these scopes will be purchased for providers in the Medford Clinic.

Aspirus Medford Foundation thanks donors for their generosity.