Aspirus Heart Care now offering advanced technology for abnormal heart rhythms

Aspirus Wausau Hospital recently became the second hospital in Wisconsin where physicians implanted the Abbott Aveir™ VR leadless pacemaker system. The procedure was performed by Kevin Rist MD, PhD, an electrophysiologist with Aspirus Heart Care.

The Aveir™ VR pacemaker system FDA approved to treat people with abnormally slow heart rhythm. The newly implanted pacemaker uses minute, undetectable pulses of electricity to trigger the heart to beat.

The Aveir™ VR is implanted directly into the heart’s right lower chamber using a minimally invasive procedure and does not require leads or any other components to be implanted under the skin. The new pacemaker system has innovative features that set it apart from other pacemakers including:

  • A battery life that is twice as long as other leadless pacemaker options.
  • A mapping system that measures the electric signals so that the pacemaker can be placed in the optimal position.
  • A new and unique metabolic sensor to set the heart rate optimally for different types of exertion.
  • The ability to be easily removed when it needs to be replaced. Other leadless pacemakers cannot be removed.

“This is exciting new technology that offers a new option for those who suffer with irregular heart rhythms,” Dr. Rist said. “Previous leadless pacemakers contained small prongs that grew into the tissue, making removal nearly impossible.  When the battery wore out and the pacemaker needed to be replaced, we would have to fit the new pacemaker alongside the old one. Now we can simply replace the old one. I am pleased that Aspirus continues to offer the best standard of care to our patients.” 

To learn more about the Aveir™ VR, call Aspirus Heart Care at 800.441.4013.