The Importance of Hydration

Aspirus Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

We all know hydration is important to our overall health. But is making sure you are hydrated also good for your skin?

Some say staying hydrated gives one’s skin a healthy, younger appearance. Others dispute the idea. So here is what we do know:

  • Skin is the largest organ of the body and is made up of many parts, including water. If you are not well hydrated, it will show in your skin.
  • The more hydrated your skin, the less chance your pores will clog.
  • A lack of hydration can cause your skin to tighten and dry out.
  • Dry skin is less resilient and more prone to wrinkling.

Water is not the only thing that can help you stay hydrated. Many foods contain water, especially fruits and vegetables. 

The amount of water you should drink in a day depends on many factors, including level of activity and climate. If you want to keep it simple, use these easy-to-follow guidelines:

  • Drink enough throughout the day for clear, pale urine.
  • Drink when you are thirsty.
  • When it is hot outside and when exercising, make sure to drink enough to compensate for the loss of bodily fluids through sweating.

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