State-of-the-Art Radiation Treatment for Cancer Patients Now Available at Aspirus Langlade Hospital

Patients of Aspirus Cancer Care – Volm Cancer Center, located on the campus of Aspirus Langlade Hospital are now benefiting from the latest in radiation therapy technology.

In January, the center completed installation of a new state-of-the-art Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator-an innovative, noninvasive radiation-based treatment for all types of cancer. The TrueBeam offers a wide range of options for treating tumors, including those that are more complex.

“This machine is one of today’s most technologically advanced forms of radiation therapy. It delivers highly conformal radiation-meaning we can be more accurate when we target tumors  and better avoid  normal tissues-to minimize patient side effects and improve the patient experience,” said Aspirus Radiation Oncologist. Christopher Platta, MD.  

The TrueBeam also requires shorter treatment times, so patients have less interruption to their day. It is capable of treating all forms of cancer. 

“This new technology is an example of how the Aspirus Cancer Care combines compassion with advanced treatments to deliver the most cutting-edge cancer care possible,” said Dr. Platta. “This is a big investment in rural health from Aspirus.  It shows the dedication to administering the highest quality of care with the most technologically advanced services on the market for all the patients we serve.”

“Aspirus believes in keeping healthcare local as much as possible,” said Sherry Bunten, President, Aspirus Northeast WI Division.   “This technology is truly a commitment to our mission and an investment in the communities and patients we serve. Aspirus is proud to be a market leader in offering the most advanced technology to our patient population.”

Aspirus Cancer Care – Volm Cancer Center provides complete leading-edge cancer care and treatment in a comforting setting located close to home. For more information, please call 715.623.9587.