Quarterly Giving Update from the Aspirus Medford Foundation (August 2021)

This past quarter, donor gifts allowed the Aspirus Medford Foundation to purchase the following items to enhance and strengthen the quality of care at Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics.  Thank you, donors, for your generosity.

The Nitronox™ HD Package is a nitrous oxide and oxygen system for labor pain management. The use of nitrous oxide is less invasive than an epidural. It can be used continuously to dull pain and reduce anxiety while allowing the mother to walk and move during labor.

A lockable Coiling Door was installed in the emergency department to keep patients with suicidal thoughts or behaviors and those experiencing mental health issues safe from self-harm and from becoming a risk to others. The door is expected to impact approximately 300-400 patients per year in addition to keeping other patients and staff safe.

An Upgrade to the Aspirus Care & Rehab Call System was made so resident call lights and alarms are communicated to portable phones carried by night-shift caregivers. This ensures caregivers are aware of and can respond to resident needs beyond their immediate vicinity. All Aspirus Care & Rehab residents benefit from this upgrade.

The Flex Farm Hydroponic Vertical Garden is a portable, indoor, vertical growing system that consists of a fully self-contained water system, an energy-efficient LED light tower, a submersible pump and everything needed to start growing produce, including seeds. It requires a standard electrical outlet and less than 10 square feet of space. Initially, the Flex Farm will provide patrons of Aspirus Medford Hospital’s cafeteria – Med Rock Café – with fresh produce, inspiring healthy living and helping to prevent chronic diseases.