Janice Brill Wins Aspirus Divine Savior Sunflower Award

Congratulations to Janice Brill, Greeter at Aspirus Divine Savior Hospital. Janice is the most recent winner of Aspirus Divine Savior's quarterly Sunflower Award. She was nominated by a co-worker, who wrote:

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Janice seeks out a specific type of wheelchair that is needed for a dialysis patient. If the wheelchair is not available at the front entrance, Janice will search the facility for it. Janice knows the patient's schedule and watches for their vehicle to pull up to the front entrance so she can be ready at the carport waiting with the wheelchair. If Janice is on vacation, she will communicate the patient's needs to the covering Greeter to ensure the patient has what they need. This is an example of going above and beyond for the patient, which makes them appreciative of the services and kindness provided at Aspirus Divine Savior.
The Sunflower Award recognizes Aspirus Health's support staff for the extraordinary care and support they deliver every day while demonstrating our core values: Compassion, Accountability, Collaboration, Foresight and Joy.