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Foundation purchase benefits babies receiving care at Aspirus Medford Clinic

Aspirus Medford Clinic pediatricians and nursing staff with jaundice meter purchased by Aspirus Medford Foundation donors

Aspirus Medford Foundation donors provided all of the funding to purchase a technologically advanced portable jaundice meter for the patients of Aspirus Medford Clinic.

The jaundice meter provides a pain-free method for checking the bilirubin level in a newborn. If a baby’s bilirubin level is high, it can make his or her skin and eyes look yellow, and it might indicate a problem with the liver. A heel stick is not required for this meter and the results are instantaneous. 

If you’d like to contribute to the Aspirus Medford Foundation, all donations, great and small, are graciously accepted to help heal people and promote health. 

(Photo) Pictured with the Drager jaundice meter is Aspirus Medford Clinic pediatricians and nursing staff (from left): Cathy Reuter, MD; Alison Layhew, RN; Shannon Emmerich, LPN (holding meter); Crystal Ecklund, CMA; and Emily Tracey, PA-C.