Dr. Oscar Padilla and Katelyn Frankwick, PAC Receive OME Awards

The Aspirus Office of Medical Education (OME) is recognizing collaboration and contributions made by Aspirus Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) as clinical teachers for medical students and advance practice clinician students.


This is the 4th year that OME has recognized these efforts throughout the Aspirus system.


These awardees use student, academic, or clinical partnership to advance Aspirus academic clinical medicine


This year’s Foresight and Accountability Awards go to Dr. Oscar Padilla from the Aspirus Plover Clinic (Foresight) and Katelyn Frankwick, PAC from the Aspirus Marshfield Clinic (Accountability).


Dr. Oscar Padilla sees the value of lifelong learning. He plans ahead to help create and sustain excellence in medical education and / or preceptors and mentors in vital clinical areas where future caregivers are needed.


As a clinical teacher, Katelyn demonstrates the ability to make a difference in others’ lives, is a strong advocate for her students, and commits to delivering feedback and ensures knowledge transfer.


Below are submissions by students of Dr. Oscar Padilla and Katelyn Frankwick.


“Dr. Padilla is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date medical information to medical students and is eager to provide clinical examples of what the guidelines are and why they are so important. Dr. Padilla treats his patients holistically, including providing family education and emotional support to his patients as he works with them over the course of their lives. Dr. Padilla is eager to share his own clinical notes from medical school, as well as the resources he uses to stay on the cutting edge of medical knowledge. Dr. Padilla involves his student apprentices in all aspects of medical practice, from differential diagnoses to outpatient procedures, and serves as a helpful guide every step of the way. Dr. Padilla is incredibly thorough in ways that I have never seen before. It is always worth the extra minute to check for suspicious moles, or to listen to patients' reasons for vaccine hesitancy. He scours the latest advancements in clinical practice and distills this knowledge into handouts that he creates for medical students to keep for future reference. He counsels his students on what to expect throughout medical education, residency, and beyond. He gives advice that students can use right away, or in ten years, knowing that this is a lifelong journey of learning.” –Medical Student


“Katie was a wonderful preceptor for the short 2-week rotation I was with her. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I became a better student for it. She always made sure to explain patient conditions and treatment plans if I didn't understand them, and she made it all very easy to understand and learn. She gave me numerous resources that I have used in other rotations. She also gave insight into other aspects of being a PA such as the PANCE exam, job hunting, and work life balance. Katie was a phenomenal preceptor and deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work.” PA Student