Dr. Ferguson Shares Expertise with Anesthesiology Residents

Dr. Kris Ferguson wrote/co-wrote six chapters in Advanced Anesthesia Review (2023). Published by Oxford University Press, the book provides a comprehensive knowledge review for all second-year US Anesthesiology residents taking the American Board of Anesthesiology's (ABA) Advanced Exam.


  • Chapter 36: Malignant Hyperthermia - by Peter Papapetrou and Kris Ferguson
  • Chapter 37: Butylcholinesterase (Pseudocholinesterase) Deficiency - by Brian Harris and Kris Ferguson
  • Chapter 38: Prolonged QT Syndrome - by Kris Ferguson and Peter Papapetrou
  • Chapter 41: Implications of Addiction - by Brian Harris and Kris Ferguson 
  • Chapter 62: Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Spinal Shock, Autonomic Hyperreflexia, Acute Spinal Cord Injury - by Peter Papapetrou and Kris Ferguson
  • Chapter 86: The Anion Gap and Metabolic Acidosis - by Scott Stayner and Kris Ferguson

Thank you, Dr. Ferguson, for your commitment to developing the skills and knowledge of anesthesiology residents.


Dr. Ferguson cares for patients at Aspirus Langlade Hospital - Pain Clinic (Antigo) and Aspirus Riverview Clinic - Wisconsin Rapids.