Dr. Eric Anderson Receives OME Vision Award

The Aspirus Office of Medical Education (OME) is recognizing collaboration and contributions made by Aspirus Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) as clinical teachers for medical students and advance practice clinician students.


This is the 4th year that OME has recognized these efforts throughout the Aspirus system.


These awardees use student, academic, or clinical partnership to advance Aspirus academic clinical medicine.


This year’s Vision Award goes to Dr. Eric Anderson from the Aspirus Stevens Point Hospital.


Dr. Anderson exemplifies and models Aspirus as a learning institution. He recognizes and demonstrates that medical education is a catalyst for creating healthy and thriving communities and has helped expand Aspirus’ capacity for clinical medical education. 


One medical student said, “When I first started with Dr. Anderson, I asked him if he would take on more students or residents if he could, and without hesitation he enthusiastically responded, 'oh, absolutely!' This enthusiasm resonates throughout my experience with Dr. Anderson. True enthusiasm to teach is the first, and relatively rare, sign medical students observe in a preceptor that informs us that we are learning from an expert who also genuinely cares about our education. While this is immensely meaningful, my experience with Dr. Anderson far exceeds his enthusiasm. To highlight only a few: he takes extra effort to consider each student’s personal goals, strengths, and knowledge gaps to constantly personalize his teaching, he continuously motivates students to do better and be better each day, while maintaining an encouraging learning environment by expressing his confidence in us, he cares about effective learning methods and takes time each week to discuss content with us to help solidify and bolster our understanding.”