City of Wausau presents Aspirus Health with Wausau Sustainability Award

WAUSAU, Wis. – The City of Wausau recently recognized Aspirus Health for its work to help create a more sustainable and energy-smart Wausau.

Aspirus was cited for its leadership and continued efforts to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy costs and to increase the use of renewables.

“As a health care provider, we have an obligation to be economically, socially and environmentally responsible,” said Ali Wolf, System Director of Sustainability for Aspirus. “Focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy allows us to deliver the important services patients require in a cleaner, more responsible way. Reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned can reduce cardiac and lung disease states for community members.”

Aspirus is committed to aggressive sustainability goals for the health of the communities it serves. Goals for the 10 Aspirus system hospitals include reducing carbon emissions by 80% and reducing energy costs by 50%, both by 2030.

Aspirus has implemented on-site renewable energy installations in addition to placing a continuous focus on improved operational efficiency to reach these goals.

Other strategies include reducing use of anesthetic gases with high global warming potential and transitioning its fleet vehicles to alternative fuel, including electric vehicles.

Photo caption: Ali Wolf and Sid Sczygelski of Aspirus (center) accept the Wausau Sustainability Award from City of Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg and Assistant City Planner Brad Sippel.