Breanna Wentland, PA-C, Receives OME Compassion Award

The Aspirus Office of Medical Education (OME) is recognizing collaboration and contributions made by Aspirus Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) as clinical teachers for medical students and advance practice clinician students.


This is the 4th year that OME has recognized these efforts throughout the Aspirus system.


These awardees use student, academic, or clinical partnership to advance Aspirus academic clinical medicine


This year’s Compassion Award goes to Breanna Wentland, Physician Assistant from GI Associates in Wausau, Wisconsin.


As a clinical teacher, Breanna exemplifies the heart of a healer to her students; helps learners understand the role of a healer and recognizes the privilege of caring for patients.


One PA student said, “I am over halfway through my clinical education, and Breanna Wentland has been the best preceptor/teacher I have had thus far by a landslide. She is as enthusiastic about her field as she is to teach it. I am now highly considering a career in GI because of her dedication to teaching, her excitement around seeing her patients and helping them in any way she can. She taught me that my job is as much about caring for my patient as a person and their individual needs as much as it is about treating and caring for their illness. She is a gem and a stellar leader in her field, community, and profession.”