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Beginning of 2021 - Medford Area Giving Update

Aspirus Medford Foundation

This past quarter, donor gifts allowed the Aspirus Medford Foundation to purchase the following items to enhance and strengthen the quality of care at Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics.  Thank you, donors, for your generosity.

Finger Pulse Oximeters will be provided free of charge to patients who test positive for COVID-19, need supplemental oxygen but are stable.  Patients will be discharged home with oxygen and a pulse oximeter to self-monitor.  In this way, beds will be available for the sickest patients.

A Colonoscope, a flexible, lighted tubular instrument used to visualize the interior of the colon and diagnose gastro-intestinal conditions of the lower colon was purchased for Surgical Services.  In a typical week, 5-8 colonoscopies are performed per day; four days per week.  Annually, the scope will be used on 300-400 patients.

The Neptune 3 Rover is a surgical waste management system for fluids, smoke and biohazards.  It is a closed system designed to keep patients and staff safe.

A Telemetry Central Station allows hospital staff to monitor the vital signs of ICU patients remotely.  Vital sign monitors in each patient room continuously transmit data, such as heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure, to the telemetry unit located at the nurses’ station.

The Radiometer Blood Gas Analyzer offers onsite rapid results for critically ill patients.  Ideal for measuring blood gas, electrolytes and glucose.  Advantages include its compact size, simplicity of use and reliability. 

CLIA Waived Hematology Analyzers provide complete blood count (CBC) screening and can classify and quantify 12 different blood characteristics in as few as three minutes.  An analyzer was purchased for the Athens, Gilman, Phillips and Prentice Clinics as part of Aspirus’ lab optimization project.