Aspirus Riverview Imaging Employee Wins Sunflower Award

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Congratulations to our quarterly Sunflower Award winner, Lorrie Becker, Team Lead of Ultrasound in Aspirus Riverview Hospital's Imaging Department.


Lorrie was nominated by a co-worker, who wrote:

Ultrasound had a routinely scheduled patient coming in for a procedure. This procedure required the sonographer to be in the exam room with the patient for at least an hour or more every time. During this time, the patient formed a bond with one of the sonographers (Lorrie). The patient requested Lorrie, as it was his comfort zone and he had felt a bond. One evening, Lorrie had signed up to help deliver food trays. While she was delivering food trays, one happened to be going to this patient, who had been admitted for his worsening condition. After she had delivered the remaining food trays and clocked out for the day, Lorrie went back to this patient's room and sat with him as he did not have anyone with him. She left his side after a couple of hours when she got called into work. The next day, this patient passed away. Lorrie took the time to be with this patient off hours to provide him some comfort and peace as he was nearing the end of his life and no one else was there. For this act of kindness, I feel that Lorrie deserves the Sunflower Award. This is just one example of what Lorrie will do for patients or staff. She consistently goes above and beyond without the expectation of being recognized. She is a great asset to our team and our community.


The Sunflower Award recognizes Aspirus Health’s support staff for the extraordinary care and support they deliver every day, while demonstrating our core values: Compassion, Accountability, Collaboration, Foresight and Joy.


Other Aspirus Riverview staff nominated during the quarter ended April 30 were: Charles Reeder, Annette Perez, Shari Foth, David Klesmith, Elizabeth Ironside, Alexandria Riemer, Chante Giese, Amy Tork and Leahrae Gumz. Each nominee receives a card and Sunflower Award pin. The winner also receives a bouquet, a banner to display in their department, a certificate and a covered parking spot.

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