Aspirus Medford Foundation Quarterly Giving Update

(Medford, WI) – Donor gifts allowed the Aspirus Medford Foundation to purchase the following items to enhance and strengthen the quality of care at Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics. Thank you, donors, for your generosity.

A Skills Lab was established by the education department of Aspirus Medford Hospital and will enhance and reinforce staff skills and attract and train new employees.

A system initiative is underway to upgrade, standardize and fully automate the processing of urine samples. The Aspirus Medford laboratory processes approximately 13 samples/day or 4,570/year.  The Urinalysis Automation System will result in increased efficiency, improved turn-around time, reduced subjectivity, variability of reporting and improved productivity.  

Currently, mothers in the Prentice area must travel to Medford or Phillips for a newborn’s jaundice check within 48 hours of birth.  Purchasing a Jaundice Meter for the Prentice Clinic will eliminate the need to travel, allow access to expanded newborn care in the local community, and will benefit approximately 20 families/year.

A new Upright Cycle at Aspirus Therapy & Fitness – Medford will benefit therapy patients and fitness members alike.  This bike is state-of-the-art and will reduce the wait time for bikes.

The purchase of a new Patient Lift will provide safer, more comfortable transfers for immobile patients in the Emergency Department.

A Colonoscope is a flexible, lighted tubular instrument used to visualize the interior of the colon and diagnose gastro-intestinal conditions of the lower colon.  In a typical week, Surgical Services conduct 8-11 colonoscopies/day; 2-3 days/week.  Annually, there are 600+ colonoscopies performed at Aspirus Medford.

Used daily for surgical procedures, Operating Room 3 has received upgraded Surgical Lights

Point of Care Glucose Monitors check a patient’s glucose level with a simple fingerstick.  A venous draw is not required, leading to improved patient satisfaction and increased efficiency.  This is an Aspirus system initiative.

For more information or to donate, visit Aspirus Medford Foundation