Aspirus Doctors Clinic CMA Wins Sunflower Award

Congratulations to Suzanne Khang, Certified Medical Assistant with Aspirus Doctors Clinic in Wisconsin Rapids. Suzanne is the most recent winner of Aspirus Riverview's quarterly Sunflower Award. She was nominated by Aspirus Pediatrician Dr. Amy Falk, who wrote:

On a regular Tuesday in our busy pediatric clinic, my wonderful assistant, Suzanne, roomed a 6-month-old, coming in for a "checkup and cough." This is routine enough for us, but Suzanne quickly realized that the baby was much sicker than we usually see. She came into my office immediately, asking me to go see the baby right away, because she was concerned about his breathing. We went together, and I quickly assessed the baby. I asked Suzanne to get a pulse ox reading, albuterol, and oxygen. She quickly and calmly did those things, seamlessly integrating this advanced care into our clinic. She had great communication skills during this time and was able to demonstrate closed-loop communication about the orders I was giving, enlist the help of other MAs, and organized an ambulance to get the baby from our clinic to the ER. When things were under better control and the baby was stabilized on oxygen, she slipped out to continue rooming other patients that showed up, so I could seamlessly move on with our day once help arrived. Suzanne has been the medical assistant working with me for more than seven years, and I couldn't do what I do without her. We have had many emergency cases like this together over the years, and she is simply unflappable. In our regular day-to-day, she always anticipates the needs of patients, and helps by anticipating what I will need to deliver this care. I am so appreciative of her every day, and she is an amazing asset to the Aspirus team.

The Aspirus Sunflower Award recognizes support staff who demonstrate compassion, accountability, collaboration, foresight and joy in patient care.