Aspirus Divine Savior Wellness Center implements solar panels

Solar panels atop Aspirus Divine Savior Wellness Center

Aspirus Divine Savior is leading efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and conserve energy by investing in solar power. Solar panels have recently been installed on the roof of the Aspirus Divine Savior Wellness Center as an alternative power source.

“The solar panel project is an exciting step in our journey to becoming more sustainable,” shares Aspirus Divine Savior President Michael Decker. “As a leader in the communities we serve, it is our duty to be environmentally responsible.”

The 369 kW (820 bifacial 450W solar panels) on the roof of The Wellness Center became operational in early November and will provide energy to the building year-round. The anticipated annual carbon reduction will be 363 MtCo2 (Metric Tons of Carbon). This annual reduction is equal to the carbon emissions or energy used by 79 vehicles, 44 homes or 15,445 bags of landfill-bound trash.

Aspirus is committed to aggressive sustainability goals for the health of the communities it serves. Goals for the Aspirus system hospitals include reducing carbon emissions by 80% and reducing energy costs by 50%, both by 2030. 

Aspirus Divine Savior continues to focus on environmentalism through recycling programs, hydroponic gardens, use of LED lighting and the reduction in use of non-biodegradable food service waste.

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