Aspirus Divine Savior Upgrades Nuclear Medicine Program

Advanced technology for diagnosing and treating cancer, orthopedic issues, heart disease and other issues that may go undetected is a necessity in the modern world of medicine.


Aspirus Divine Savior Hospital and Clinic recently celebrated the installation of a new Siemens Pro.specta imaging system with a staff open house. 


This new technology allows Aspirus Divine Savior to offer a wide range of nuclear imaging studies for fractures and bone diseases, staging and restaging of cancer, evaluation of cardiac, liver, lung, renal and thyroid function, and others.


Commonly referred to as SPECT/CT, the technology uses a Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Computed Tomography (CT) simultaneously. 


“Two different types of images are taken during one exam and the pictures are merged together to provide more precise information about how the body functions and to identify any problems, said Daniel Gutmann, M.D., South Division Medical Director, Aspirus Divine Savior Hospital and Clinics. 


SPECT/CT systems use small amounts of ionizing radiation that pass through the body to create an image. This new state of the art system provides the correct low dose for each individual patient while still maintaining the image quality physicians require and also uses a small amount of a radioactive tracer called a radiopharmaceutical. 


“Different disease processes are picked up by specific radiopharmaceuticals which help to identify the issue and the isotopes used often decay within a few hours,” said Dr. Gutmann.  “This upgrade greatly increases diagnostic accuracy and clinical confidence while making it as safe as possible for patients with tests performed in less time and producing faster results.”


Physicians use the results to help plan or determine the effectiveness of existing treatments. For example, a nuclear scan may detect a stress fracture that an X-ray would not show until it is much worse. 


“This is a significant investment for our facility that will enhance the capabilities of our dedicated physicians and staff, said Brian Kief, Aspirus Health South Division President.  “We are especially optimistic about the opportunities to expand our cardiac and orthopedic services which are critical needs in our community.”


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