Jordan's Aspirus Story: 'I smashed my weight loss goals.'

Jordan Huffman used to enjoy running, but he was knocked off course after a car accident. The mishap not only deprived him of one of his favorite activities, but it also led to an unexpected addition… about 43 extra pounds of unwanted weight gain. 

Sometime after the accident, Jordan, a youth pastor in Stevens Point, Wi., met with a friend for coffee. The two typically get together to talk about once a month but hadn’t seen each other in about two months. Jordan noticed that his friend had lost a significant amount of weight. “He looked great! I had to know what he was doing,” said Jordan. The friend told Jordan that he started using a program called Aspirus Ideal Weight Solution (IWS). He explained how the program is a medically supervised, four-phase, partial meal replacement weight loss protocol that targets fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

So, Jordan decided to meet with his Aspirus Family Physician, Dr. Oscar Padilla, to discuss the program. “Talking about weight loss can be a really hard conversation but discussing it with my doc made it a lot easier,” said Jordan. 

Jordan’s doctor ran some bloodwork and decided that he needed to make some changes. “My doc told me that I can deal with now or I will deal with this later,” said Jordan.  

“This is a well-established approach to weight loss,” says Dr. Timothy Logemann, an Aspirus Cardiologist and the Aspirus Ideal Weight Solution Medical Director. “Men typically see about 3-5 pounds of weight loss per week and women typically see around 2-3 pounds of weight loss per week.”

Jordan started the program in Spring 2019 and smashed his target goal. He hit his goal weight by June 2019 and has been able to maintain his weight loss for six months. “I actually hit my lowest weigh-in in November. At that point I had lost 43 pounds!” said Jordan.

The program offers an optional app that is a personalized lifestyle building assistant designed to help users achieve their weight loss goals. It journals meals, lets one communicate securely with a coach and gives one access to videos and education material. 

“The education is great and really helped me stay on track,” said Jordan. “It’s a lifestyle change, and it takes time. I had a lifetime of bad eating habits and the app has been really helpful.”

Jordan is now in the “maintenance” portion of the program. It’s the final phase of the program that allows one to embrace the knowledge and health habits of the weight loss journey. 

The IWS plan consists of four phases. The first phase is the weight loss phase. This is where one resets their body to burn fat by restricting carbohydrate intake. Phase two is the stabilization phase. Here, one resets the mind to maintain a healthy weight and build healthy habits. In the third phase, one focuses on developing smarter eating habits. Finally, one enters the maintenance phase. This is where one makes their new habits a lifestyle through continuing education and checking in with their coach and clinic. 

Now, Jordan is back to running and looking forward to knocking off a few items from his “running bucket list”. 

“I’m going to take this new beach body and put it to use this summer,” says Jordan.