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Recognizing Physician Residents

February 24 is “Thank a Resident Day”


Dr. Charles Hayes, Aspirus Wausau Family Medicine Resident

Charles Hayes, DO, grew up in Wisconsin, served in the Air Force and now he’s working to provide a crucial service to his community.


He’s currently a first-year resident physician at Aspirus Wausau Hospital (AWH) gaining valuable experience that will help him reach his life’s goal.


“It was always like a burning passion for me. I want to be able to help people in need,” says Dr. Hayes.


Residents in the Wausau Family Medicine Residency Program, such as Dr. Hayes, spend long hours working in intensive and diverse environments to finish up their medical training.


In 2018, the Gold Humanism Honor Society launched its first official “Thank a Resident Day” with the goal of "honoring those in residency for their dedication to their institution and the medical field." Since then, the Gold Foundation has chosen a day in February each year to recognize residents.


“Thank a Resident Day” falls on February 24 in 2023.


“Adapting is the toughest part as a resident. I’m constantly intellectually challenged by everyone. And I’m studying for my boards. I also have a family.,” says Dr. Hayes. “Those are also the best parts of what I do. It’s super rewarding to be able to put the time and effort into helping people in need.”


Residency is a key component of graduate medical training, offering in-depth exposure to medical practice.


Physicians in training serve as an integral part of health care teams in hospitals and clinics, often serving as indispensable resources.


“We’re important because residents are the future of providing health care. This is crucial to our training process. We need to be challenged by the best.,” says Dr. Hayes.


Those doctors in training are the future of health care in our communities and will eventually train the next generation of physicians through their residency.


“I plan to stay in rural family medicine,” says Dr. Hayes. I want to integrate myself into a local community and help people stay healthy.”


One can learn more about the Aspirus Wausau Family Medicine Residency by visiting their website.



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