My Aspirus Story

VIDEO: Chris' Aspirus Story, "I Choose Not To Stay In Fear"

Location of Experience: Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics
Posted Date: 3/7/2016
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Following a mammogram screening in the spring of 2015, Chris Finkler, of Medford, received a call she wasn’t prepared for. The nurse on the other end of the line said, “Unfortunately, the results are not what we had hoped.”  

Upon hearing the news that it was cancer, Finkler recalls being totally shocked. “I didn’t think that was even on the radar for me,” she says.

Since her diagnosis, Finkler has undergone surgery, chemotherapy and other related treatments all at Aspirus Medford Hospital. 

“I choose not to stay in fear; I choose not to stay in despair,” Finkler says. “My attitude changed from thinking, ‘I’m a victim’ or ‘why did this happen to me?’ It was more about, OK, this is happening, this is my life – it’s still a good life and it’s my choice what I do with it.”

Watch Chris' Aspirus Story below.