My Aspirus Story

Shirley's Aspirus Story - Exceptional customer service

Location of Experience: Aspirus Therapy-Prentice
Posted Date: 1/27/2016
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Shirley Eckert, of Phillips, worked in customer service for 23 years. “I know what it’s like when you get that good report because usually when people are happy they don’t say anything,” she says. “It means a lot when even one person takes the extra step and says, ‘hey, you did a really good job’ or ‘you really helped me.’ I thought the staff at Aspirus Therapy-Prentice should know that they’re doing a wonderful job and they’re impacting people’s lives for the better, so I sent them a thank you card.”

Shirley shared the card with Aspirus Therapy-Prentice staff after receiving care in October 2015 for a wound on her leg. Physical Therapist Jon Rahmer is trained and experienced in wound care and was able to heal the wound in only a few treatments.

“Jon was so gentle,” Shirley recalls. “You could tell he was concerned and wanted to do a good job.”

While she was impressed with the excellent care she received, she was even more wowed by the friendliness and compassion shown to her.

“The first time I walked in, I found it to be very clean and inviting. Erin [Hettler-Plyer, Therapy Patient Liaison], Michelle [Young, Therapy Patient Liaison], and Jon were all very professional yet friendly. They put you at ease and made you feel that you were welcome and they were glad to see you. I’ve been to other health care providers where you get the feeling they don’t care; they say ‘do this’ and you’re out the door. But, at Aspirus Therapy you feel that they really care about you. They make you feel like you’re important. It was exceptional.” 

Given her positive experience, it should come as no surprise that in January 2016 when Shirley again needed wound care, she chose Aspirus Therapy-Prentice for her treatment.

“I’ve been really happy,” she says. “We live in such a negative world and people are in such a hurry. It’s always good to take time and emphasize the positive.”