My Aspirus Story

Joseph's Aspirus Story - Cooled fever, calmed fears

Location of Experience: Aspirus Medford Hospital
Posted Date: 12/23/2015
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On a beautiful, sunny day in October 2015, Joseph Deml, of Medford, set to work gathering his lawn furniture on the patio so it could be covered with tarp. It was a perfect day for doing outdoor chores in preparation of the coming winter. He always took care to do his chores little by little so he wouldn’t tire himself out too much. That day was no different. After getting everything gathered, he decided he’d done enough for the day and would tarp the furniture the following day.

He then went to sit and rest in his living room. That’s when he started to feel cold. Very cold. His wife of 64 years, Mary Jane, got him a jacket and then a blanket. He was still freezing. He also started to shake badly. He tried standing.

“I was so weak I couldn’t get off the chair alone,” he says. “Mary Jane helped lift me up. It was just like my feet were frozen to the floor. I couldn’t move.” Joseph sat back down. After another unsuccessful attempt to get him up and moving, Mary Jane said they should go to the hospital, just a few blocks from their home.

At Aspirus Medford Hospital’s Emergency Department, Joseph learned why he felt so weak and cold.

“I had a 105-degree fever so I was sure happy that Mary Jane said, ‘let’s go to the hospital,’” Joseph says gratefully.

With quick, expert treatment in the Emergency Department, Joseph's fever started to go down. To be safe, it was decided he should stay in the hospital for a couple days to receive additional care.

“It’s scary when a fever gets that high,” Joseph says of the experience. “I have nothing but praise for the way I was treated. I would proudly tell anybody that I was very happy that (Aspirus Medford Hospital staff) was right there to do the very best they could for me.”

Joseph says he appreciates that his caregivers watched him closely during his hospital stay and checked on him often—day and night. He also likes that they were open to his suggestions and requests.

“I told everyone who treated me that they did an excellent job,” he says, his voice husky with feeling. “I thanked them a lot because they were all so willing to help me and cared so much. The best I could do was give them my thanks. They worked hard to get me in good shape and back to normal.”

Joseph continues to heal at home and is taking care to exercise and rebuild his strength.

Photo: Joseph Deml, of Medford, with his wife, Mary Jane. The spinning wheel was handcrafted by Mary Jane’s father.