My Aspirus Story

Charity Care - Memphis' Aspirus Story

Location of Experience: Aspirus Medford Hospital
Posted Date: 12/3/2017
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Memphis Zettler came into this world as a breech birth on December 23, 2015. It was the first of many medical issues he’s faced in his young life. While all kids are expensive, Memphis has been keeping his family reaching into their wallets more than the typical child. 

Memphis needed to wear a cranial helmet for four months to reshape his head. Then a heart murmur was found. Next he needed ear tubes inserted. And, then, Memphis was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. The large gap between his hip socket and thigh bone in his right leg needed surgical correction. Following an August 2017 surgery, Memphis spent three months in a hip spica cast. Covering him from his belly button and down both legs, the cast prevents movement so his hip can heal properly.

For the first year of his life, Memphis qualified for BadgerCare. But, now, he’s no longer eligible. Faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills, Memphis’ mom, Ashley, applied for Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics’ financial assistance program. 

“When you’re looking at multiple bills of thousands of dollars, you try to find what resources can help you minimize some of the expense so you can pay it off,” Ashley said. “Thankfully, we were approved and able to backdate all of Memphis’ clinic visits with his Aspirus Medford Clinic pediatrician so those expenses are covered.”

Because the financial assistance program only covered Memphis’ medical bills from Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics, his family still has medical expenses to pay. But, thanks to Aspirus Medford’s financial assistance program, the burden to the family is reduced.

“When it comes to your child, what are you going to do?” Ashley said of Memphis’ medical needs. “He needs the treatment and he needs the care, so you do it even if you’re left struggling to pay.”

Memphis and his family have been through a lot since his birth, but, fortunately, he’s doing well.

“He’s happy and walking and being a little stinker,” Ashley said. “It’s great.”