My Aspirus Story

Cally & Steve's Aspirus Story - Covered 100%

Location of Experience: Aspirus Medford Hospital
Posted Date: 12/18/2015
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“My husband, Steve, is a strong guy and doesn’t complain about aches and pains very often,” says Cally Tourtillott, of Abbotsford. “I knew after several days of his getting worse and worse, it was time to go to the ER.”

Cally and Steve made their way to Aspirus Medford Hospital’s emergency department. There they learned Steve had a severe infection. He was admitted to Aspirus Medford Hospital, where he received care for two days while his body healed.

At the time, the couple was only weeks away from having a baby and had thoughts of baby expenses on their mind. Now they also had the stress of Steve’s medical treatment and bill weighing on them. Because they were in the process of transferring health insurance due to a job change, they had no coverage to help pay the bill. They decided to apply for Aspirus’ Financial Assistance program, hoping some portion of the bill would be covered.

A few weeks later, Steve was doing much better. In the back of his mind, however, he still worried about paying his medical bill.

Then Cally received news that changed everything. Aspirus’ Financial Assistance program covered Steve’s entire medical bill. Not only was the current bill paid in full, but the couple’s medical expenses for the next year would be covered as well.

“When I heard the words ‘you guys are covered 100 percent,’ I cried on the phone,” Cally says. “I felt like we won the lottery. We were struggling, thinking about how to make even a monthly payment. With a new baby, this was just a huge sense of relief.”

Thankful for the financial and emotional support, Cally and Steve say they can now focus on their family, getting ahead and supporting their new baby.

“We’re so thankful for the attentiveness that was shown at Aspirus,” Cally says. “They’re just a great team, and you can tell that they really care about their patients.”

Pictured below are Cally & Steve Tourtillot with daughter, Grace.

Cally & Steve's Aspirus Story - Covered 100%