The Importance of Having an Advance Directive

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Featured Speaker:
Katie Schneider

Katie Schneider
Katie Schneider is Patient Relations Coordinator at Aspirus Riverview Hospital and Clinics.

About This Podcast

Who would speak for you if you became unable to communicate your own health care wishes?

An advance directives document enables you to designate someone who will make sure your healthcare wishes are followed if you are unable to speak for yourself.

Advance directives are not just for the elderly. Anyone 18 or older should complete one. In addition to ensuring your wishes are followed, advance directives can help avoid disagreements between family members and loved ones. It can also help to avoid the expense of legal guardianship.

Many people don't realize that in Wisconsin, family members generally do not automatically have the authority to make your healthcare decisions when you cannot. Wisconsin is not a "family consent" or "next-of-kin" state. Therefore, healthcare decision-making authority typically does not automatically pass on to the closest family member. That is why we recommend all mentally capacitated adults complete a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

In this very informative segment, Katie Schneider, Aspirus Riverview Hospital & Clinics patient advocate, explains advanced directives and why it is so important to decide who would speak for you should you became unable to communicate your own healthcare wishes.

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