Genetic Counseling & Testing

Family history influences our risk for developing certain health conditions, like cancer and heart disease, but exactly what that risk is, often isn’t known.

Aspirus offers genetic counseling services that can help you determine your own personal inherited health risks, or those of other family members, and learn how personalized medicine can impact your health.

Genetic counseling services are commonly used to determine a person’s risk for developing or passing on inherited cancer, heart, pediatric, and prenatal-related conditions.

A genetic counselor will help you:

  • Find your chance of getting certain diseases
  • Decide if a genetic test is right for you
  • Learn how knowing your genetic makeup could help you with disease prevention or management so you can make more informed health care decisions.

Call us with questions. A referral from your provider is needed for a visit with a genetic counselor.

To learn more or for an appointment call 715-847-0450 or 844-212-4556, or email