Matthew Songer, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery

(906) 265-0499

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Education & Expertise

University of Illinois College of Medicine
Rockford, IL

University of Illinois Hospital of Orthopedic Surgery
Chicago, IL

Spinal Fellowship, Northwestern University
Chicago, IL


More About Matthew Songer, MD

Dr. Songer specializes in minimally-invasive spinal and back procedures.

Dr. Songer is married with three children and enjoys sailing, golf, biking, skiing, and hunting - an outdoor activity for every season. He will be providing care at the Aspirus Iron River Hospital Outpatient Department and the Aspirus Crystal Falls Clinic.

Dr. Songer has nearly 33 years of Orthopedic and Spinal Medicine experience. Most recently, he practiced at the Orthopedic Surgery Associates of Marquette and is also the CEO of Frontier Medical Devices, Inc. He has multiple patents on clinical equipment and devices. He has done clinical training and workshops all over the world and is also an adjunct professor at the Northern Michigan University School of Business and assistant professor at Michigan State College of Human Medicine.

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