Krista Meier, CPT

Athletic Training

Education & Expertise

Health Unit Coordinator Diploma, Mid-State Technical College, Marshfield, WI

Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA), Certified Fitness Instructor (NETA), Certified Insanity Live Instructor, Certified Core De Force Instructor

More About Krista Meier

Personal training; group training; exercise class instruction; wellness through healthy lifestyle, balancing both exercise and nutrition; and meal planning

In her free time, Krista enjoys going out to the woods with her family and working outside around her house.

Krista is a caring person and good listener. A fitness instructor since 2013, she became a personal trainer in 2018. She enjoys helping people start lifestyle changes and giving them the tools to reach their goals. In her role as a personal trainer, she provides assistance in developing and following a fitness routine, improving fitness, meeting health and fitness goals, and more.

Krista grew up on a dairy farm in Abbotsford, WI. She and her husband, Doug, have two grown sons.

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