Douglas Arnold, MD

Orthopedic Surgery


Education & Expertise

University of Florida College of Medicine
Gainsville, FL

Orthopedic Surgery, University of Wisconsin- Madison

University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

Orthopedic Surgery Sports Medicine, University of Miami/Jackson Health System
Miami, FL

More About Douglas Arnold, MD

Dr. Arnold enjoys taking care of patients with any orthopedic concern, but has a special interest in sports injuries, arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement. 

Outside of orthopedic surgery, Dr. Arnold enjoys playing guitar, appreciating history and spending time with his family.

He has served as an assisting physician for UW Badger Athletics, the University of Miami Hurricane Athletics, as well as the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball organization.

Getting people back to whatever they love in life is what drives me as an orthopedic surgeon.

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