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Virtual Ethics and Boundaries for Healthcare Professionals- November

12:00PM- 4:30PM
Elizabeth Palmini, MSW, APSW
Jennifer J. Lang, MSW APSW

Event Details:

Delivering bad news. Coping with the news…

Health care workers are often faced with delivering bad news to clients and families. Bad news could be the diagnosis, a change in disease progression, an inability to return to home, or any news that alters one’sperception or plans for the future. This presentation will share communication skills, techniques, and approaches to workingwith clients and families during difficult life changing events. The social work values, ethics, and boundaries relative toimportance of communication skills will be discussed. ( 2.0 hours)

The objectives for this lecture section are to

  1. Provide examples of communication skills to develop rapport with families
  2. Offer techniques to foster communication that is empathetic, honest, and understandable when delivering bad news.
  3. Review social work values, ethics, and boundaries relative to effective and empathetic communication.
  4. Discuss how to respond with sensitivity to a variety of emotional reactions and questions.

Presented by:

Jennifer J. Lang, MS W APSW  has been a social work educator for 20 years. She is an Adjunct Professor and instructs classes in policy and research at UWM-Milwaukee and Mount Mary University. Jennifer has also taught death and dying, social work methods, and cultural diversity. Jennifer was named Outstanding Medical Student Educator by Medical College of Wisconsin in 2011, earned the Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare at UWM-Milwaukee, and was nominated for the Mount Mary University Excellence Teaching Award. Jennifer is a practicing social worker in the Emergency Department Trauma Center at Froedtert Hospital since 2000. Prior to Froedtert, Jennifer worked at Northwest General Hospital for five years. Jennifer’s direct practice includes crisis intervention, mental health, substance abuse, death and bereavement, and discharge planning. Jennifer also provides continuing education programs since 2008. Her list of topics includes ethics and boundaries, mental health policy, professional resilience, care transitions, and how to deliver bad news.

The program is $40 for non-Aspirus employees.  Asprius employees interested in this event can register via Healthstream.