Little Wonders: Baby Care & Breastfeeding Basics - Virtual Class via WebEx

5:30 - 8:30 PM
Virtual via WebEx
Aspirus Information Center
Aspirus Riverview Family Birthplace

Event Details:

Class size is limited ~ Must be delivering at an Aspirus Hospital to register

Attendees will be emailed a link to join the virtual class via WebEx.

Only mothers need to complete registration, please include support person in space provided.

One 3-hour class

This three hour class prepares you and your partner for the exciting adventure of caring for your newborn.

Learn about:

  • Giving a bath
  • Ways to calm a fussy baby
  • Circumcision
  • Signs of illness and when to call a doctor
  • Choosing the right car seat for you and your baby

Breastfeeding is a learned art for the mother and baby. Knowing what to expect and becoming familiar with the process of breastfeeding can reduce anxiety and allow breastfeeding to be bonding experience.

Learn about:

  • Benefits to both mother and baby
  • Latching, positioning, and feeding cues
  • Establishing a breast milk supply
  • Recognizing problems early and helpful hints
  • Breast pump information, breast milk management
  • Returning to work

Classes are offered once a month.