Our Services


Q. When would I call Aspirus (EAS) for help?
Answer: An employee, their spouse, or other member of the household can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can call in regards to any problem, whether it’s stress, depression, alcohol or drugs, financial, legal, children, parental, or spousal.

Q. How much does this cost?
Answer: There is no cost for the first or initial session.  At the end of the initial session, the client will receive recommendations from the counselor if further counseling will be short-term or long-term.  If short-term counseling is warranted, than the counseling sessions (up to a predetermined number) are free. 

Q. How do I call Aspirus EAS and what should I expect when I make a call?
Answer: Your first step in receiving help is to call the Helpline at 715-847-2772 or 1-800-236-4457.  You will be directed to a counselor who may ask you a few quick questions such as:
• “What is the problem?”
• “Do you consider this a crisis?”
• “Are you feeling suicidal?”
• “Do you want to set up an appointment?”

Questions such as these are asked to determine the nature of the call and how to best handle the call.  A crisis or suicide call would be handled differently and more urgently than a non-emergency call.  New callers will be transferred to a counselor if available or the counselor will call you back.  In the evening and on weekends, you will receive a call back from a counselor who is providing after-hours coverage. 

Q. What is short-term counseling?
Answer: Short-term counseling is best described as short-term problem resolution.  The counselor is following what we call “solution-focused counseling.”  This means that from the first session, the counselor is helping you with problem identification, problem clarification, and problem prioritization, working towards resolution.  The counselor is also trying to determine if the problems and issues you are experiencing can be dealt with on a short-term basis or whether long-term counseling would be more appropriate.

Q. What about employees, spouses, or dependents who may be away at school or in the military need help?
Answer: The 1-800-236-4457 Helpline number is an in-state and out-of-state toll-free number.  Anyone can call from anywhere at anytime.  Sometimes family members may want to access services in the community they reside in, but are unfamiliar with the community.  Aspirus EAS can find out what services are available in any community in the U.S. 

Q. Is Aspirus Employee Assistance Services accessible to the hearing impaired?
Answer: Yes, hearing impaired individuals can contact us through our TDD# 715-845-4928.  Please state that you are an Aspirus Employee Assistance Services caller.

Q. Does Aspirus Employee Assistance Services utilize my health insurance?
Answer: No, the employer through whom you are eligible has entered into an agreement with Aspirus EAS to provide short-term counseling.  Health insurance is not needed because Aspirus EAS counselors are compensated through that agreement with the company.

Q. How many times can I attend counseling?
Answer: A company’s agreement with Aspirus EAS follows a short-term model.  If it is determined by the counselor that short-term counseling is warranted, than the client is entitled up to the contracted sessions per episode of need.  Contracts vary from 3 to 8 sessions.

Q. What is an episode of need?
Answer: When a client meets with a counselor and each session relates to that same personal issue, than those sessions fall within the same episode of need.  For example, if a client sees a counselor for six sessions due to the death of a spouse the six sessions fall within the episode of need.