Our Services

EAS - For Employees

Everyone at some time is faced with personal problems. In most cases, we are able to resolve them, but sometimes we or a family member needs some help.

Aspirus Employee Assistance Services is available for stress management, household or marital problems, alcohol or other drug abuse, emotional or behavioral difficulties or personal conflicts.

The employee is the individual who works for a company that has contracted with Aspirus Employee Assistance Services (EAS) to provide services.  In addition to the employee, individuals who live with the employee may utilize this program for short-term counseling services.

Eligibility for Services

  • Employee (full or part-time).
  • A household member who lives with an employee.


Any contact that you have with Aspirus EAS is confidential, whether that contact is by telephone or at a pre-scheduled meeting.  All records of Aspirus EAS are also confidential.  No one outside of Aspirus EAS, including your employer, will know that you are using this service, unless you request notification with a signed release.

State and Federal laws prevent Aspirus EAS from disclosing clinical information or identifying any client without his/her consent in writing.  Our written consent form specifies exactly what information can be disclosed, to whom, for what reason, and the time period that the release is effective.  This assures that the client agrees to any disclosure about them.  Any release can be cancelled by you at any time.

Exceptions to confidentiality

Our counselors are required by law to report situations that indicate a person is a danger to him/herself or others, and cases of suspected of child or elder abuse.  Counselors are also required by law to release records if subpoenaed by the court.