Our Services

Consultant Services

We can provide expert Medical Director consultant services to a wide range of companies. Through our health services experience, we learn that each company has unique workforces, health needs, interests, program goals and budgets. We work with company representatives to best meet their goals by implementing appropriate and effective screening or education programs.

In addition, we explore potential cultural and environmental issues that may affect the planning process. We can assist with designing and developing comprehensive employee health promotion programs, and programs targeted at specific health needs or interests.

Onsite consultations are available for:

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Program Management

We can serve as your resource for health promotion coordinators, human resource managers, benefits administrators and wellness committees. Whether it is monthly meetings with the wellness committee or leading a strategic planning process, we ensure ongoing program momentum and impact.

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Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessment helps participants identify how their lifestyle habits affect their health and is an important first step on the path to lifestyle improvement. The minimum requirement for an effective health risk assessment is a measurement instrument (generally referred to as an HRA) that gathers data directly from a participant through a questionnaire and then provides appropriate feedback. Biometric screening allows important measurements, such as blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL, glucose, height, weight and frame size, to be combined with the HRA for maximum effectiveness.

We will work with you to develop a plan that best suits your employees' health, your resources, and budget. This process may include any of the following:

  • Development of implementation schedule
  • Development of promotional plan
  • Sample introductory memos
  • Sample invitations
  • Development of registration and reminder systems
  • Development of participant interest survey
  • Identification, training and follow-up with out-of-state vendors

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Food Service and Vending

Food choices offered to your employees at work can make a big difference in their ability to eat healthfully. An Aspirus registered dietitian can work with your food service staff in the following ways:

  • Reviewing rotating menus and suggesting changes based on the food pyramid.
  • Providing computer analysis of nutrients in individual menu items (based on recipes) and suggesting ingredient substitution.
  • Designing heart healthy menus and helping with promotion to employees.
  • Assessing vending machine items and working with vendors for healthier options.
  • Onsite seminar topics:
    • How to read food labels
    • Understanding fad diets
    • Calorie counting

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Healthy Environment

We can help you assess the degree to which your workplace enables your employees to be more active and provides for a supportive cultural environment.

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Injury Prevention

Worksite injuries can be costly. A registered, certified occupational therapist could help you determine your needs for injury prevention, ergonomic changes, on-site occupational rehabilitation, stretching programs and other specific concerns. The therapist also can work with your safety committee to plan and implement successful and lasting injury prevention programs.

Injury Prevention Services include:

  • Injury prevention consultant
  • Education and training
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Clinical testing and immunizations
  • Customized presentation

To learn more about our Injury Prevention Programs, please call 1-800-847-4707 or contact us online.

Tobacco Policy

Most organizations have little experience in implementing a tobacco policy. We can assist you in planning a process, and ultimately a policy, that is right for your organization. Consultation includes:

  • Forming and guiding a planning committee
  • Developing survey tools
  • Implementing the plan
  • Creating communication pieces and rolling them out

To learn more about our Smoking Cessation Program, please call 1-800-847-4707 or contact us online.

Health Promotion

Our programs and services delivered at the worksite include:

  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Health Screenings
  • Health Fairs and Screenings
  • Health Specific Topic Displays

To learn more about our Health Promotion Program, please call 1-800-847-4707 or contact us online.