Wound & Hyperbaric Center

Aspirus Wound & Hyperbaric Center

Comprehensive Wound Treatment Using the Most Advanced Care Techniques

When healing does not proceed normally, a chronic wound may develop. Each year millions of people suffer from chronic non-healing wounds in the United States.

The Aspirus Wound & Hyperbaric Center provides a comprehensive approach to wound care provided by highly trained specialists to help promote healing, prevent infection, and re-injury.

 What Kinds of Patients Can Benefit?

The Aspirus Wound & Hyperbaric Center provides a multidisciplinary approach to the healing of wounds related to pressure, burns, ulcers, diabetes, arterial insufficiency, or complex surgical wounds. We can also help patients with chronic wounds that do not show improvement or healing after four weeks.

My Aspirus Story: Patient Testimonial

Advanced wound care gets Gorski back on his feet

About three years ago, Arnold Gorski woke up with a little soreness in his foot. The pain lingered for a few days until Gorski noticed a sore the size of a dime had developed on the side of his foot near his heal. (Read full story)