Aspirus Heart & Vascular


The days of routine two-week hospitals stays following coronary artery bypass surgery are long gone. At Aspirus Heart & Vascular, our surgeons employ the broadest array of technologies and techniques in the region, allowing patients to choose the treatment most likely to get them back on their feet in a hurry.

Beating heart surgery

Aspirus Heart & Vascular was the first program in the region to perform and embrace this superior technique for bypass surgery. Beating heart surgery, also called “off-pump surgery,” has higher success rates, promotes faster recovery and reduces complications. AHV surgeons are national leaders, performing about 95% of bypass surgeries using this technique, compared to a national rate of just 30%.

Valve surgery

Heart valve disease is as different as the patients it affects. That’s why Aspirus Heart & Vascular provides so many options for valve repair and replacement, including minimally invasive mitral valve surgery and mitral valve repair surgery. Our surgeons have extensive experience with valve repair surgery, and offer a comprehensive range of valve replacement options, from mechanical to human valves. (Find more information on heart valve disease and surgery)

Surgery for atrial fibrillation

An estimated 5 million Americans suffer from atrial fibrillation, which causes irregular heart rate and inefficient heart function. If left untreated it can, over time, lead to heart failure and stroke. Our physicians have been performing surgery for atrial fibrillation since 2002, with excellent results. Now, a minimally invasive surgery called atrial fibrillation ablation is helping people who suffer from atrial fibrillation, but are otherwise healthy. (Find more information on atrial fibrillation)

Minimally invasive techniques

Aspirus Heart & Vascular is a national leader in the use of minimally invasive techniques that improve surgery. In addition to minimally invasive mitral valve surgery, another minimally invasive procedure performed by the the Aspirus Heart & Vascular Institute is Endoscopic Vessel Harvest. This is a method of removing graft material for bypass surgery using half-inch incisions, rather than leg- or forearm-long incisions. This causes far less pain and reduces the chances of infection. Many of our surgeries, including lung procedures, can be performed as minimally invasive procedures.