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This is a current listing of active clinical trials at the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center. From this list you can select a specific cancer that you are interested in (for example, breast or colon cancer) and then review the clinical trials that are active at the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center for that specific disease.

Neoadjuvant Breast Cancer Treatment Study

Trial Name: A Randomized Phase III Clinical Trial Evaluating Post-Mastectomy Chestwall and Regional Nodal XRT and Post-Lumpectomy Regional Nodal XRT in Patients with Positive Axillary Nodes Before Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy who Convert to Pathologically Negative Axillary Nodes After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy.

Protocol ID: NSABP B51/RTOG 1304



  • Patient must be female
  • The patient must be 18 yrs. of age and older
  • Patient must have had pathologic confirmation of axillary nodal involvement
  • Patient must meet required laboratory values
  • Patient who have undergone either a total mastectomy or a lumpectomy are eligible
  • For patients who undergo mastectomy, the margins must be histologically free of residual tumor.


  • Evidence of metastatic disease
  • Synchronous or previous contralateral invasive breast cancer or DCIS.  (Patients with synchronous and/or previous contralateral LCIS are eligible).
  • History of non-breast malignancies (except for in situ cancers treated only by local excision and basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin) within 5 years prior to entry into the study.
  • Any radiation therapy for the currently diagnosed breast cancer prior to study entry.
  • Prior breast or thoracic RT for any condition.

Pregnancy or lactation at the time of study entry.

Enrollment: • About 1,636 women from different cancer treatment centers will take part in this study.


Taking part in this study may or may not make your health better.  While doctors hope that administering radiation therapy to the breast and lymph nodes in patients who had a lumpectomy or giving radiation therapy to the area where the breast used to lie and the lymph nodes in patients who had a mastectomy will be more useful in treating breast cancer compared to radiation to the breast for lumpectomy patients and no radiation in patients who had a mastectomy, there is no proof of this yet.  We do know that the information from this study will help doctors learn more about giving radiation therapy to only the breast in lumpectomy patients or no radiation therapy in mastectomy patients.  This information could help future breast cancer patients.


These clinical trial overviews are intended to provide a brief overview of the clinical trial. To help determine whether the trial is appropriate for you, the major eligibility criteria are listed above. To obtain more information on the eligibility and the treatment plan, please contact the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center Oncology Clinical Research Coordinator, Beth Knetter at 715-847-2353 or 1-800-283-2881, ext.72353 or Langlade Cancer Center Oncology Research Nurse, Debra Witman at 715-623-9587.

Created: May 9, 2014

Updated: Oct 16, 2014

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