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This is a current listing of active clinical trials at the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center. From this list you can select a specific cancer that you are interested in (for example, breast or colon cancer) and then review the clinical trials that are active at the Aspirus Regional Cancer Center for that specific disease.

Breast, Colon, Rectal, NSC & SC Lung, Lymphoma, Ovarian, & Testicular

Trial Name: Survey For Work Limiitations and Associated Symptoms in Cancer Patients Receiving Adjuvant Chemotherapy (WON)

Protocol ID: OS12111



Inclusion Criteria

  • Patients about to start curative-intent (adjuvant) chemotherapy or chemo-immunotherapy, with or without radiation, from the following cancer types: Breast Cancer-with Stage I-III Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer-with Stage II-III Colorectal cancer, with Stage IV colorectal cancers being permitted ONLY if the patient has liver metastases that were completely resected at the time of surgery and is thus being treated with curative intent. 
  • Other” cancers-all nonmetastatic solid malignancies or lymphomas being adjuvantly treated with curative-intent chemotherapy.  It is intended that this group largely consist of non-breast and non-colon cancer participants.
  • Patients must be employed prior to diagnosis.  Patients who are self-employed are eligible.
  • Patients must either intend to work during all or some part of active treatment OR if not intending to work at all during active treatment, must intend to return to work to at least some extent in the 3 months following active treatment.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Under 18 yrs. of age and greater than 64 years of age because of the confounding impact of the extremes of age on employment.
  • Having already received neoadjuvant chemotherapy or radiation for the current cancer/cancer recurrence, because the intent of the study is to capture the impact of these treatments on employment.
  • Active treatment (chemotherapy and/or radiation) that will take 12 or more months to complete, because this would exceed the time frame allotted for study funding.

Prior diagnosis of malignancy at any other site except for in situ carcinomas of the cervix or non-melanomatous skin cancers.

Enrollment: 120



  • You are not expected to benefit directly from participating in this study.  Your participation in this research study may benefit other people in the future by helping us learn more about cancer survivors.



These clinical trial overviews are intended to provide a brief overview of the clinical trial. To help determine whether the trial is appropriate for you, the major eligibility criteria are listed above. To obtain more information on the eligibility and the treatment plan, please contact our Oncology Clinical Research Coordinator, Beth Knetter at 715-847-2353 or 1-800-283-2881, ext.72353.

Created: Jul 16, 2013

Updated: Oct 16, 2014

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