MedEvac Transport

Flight Range & Service Area

Aspirus MedEvac serves communities within a 175-mile radius of Wausau. Listed below are flight times to some of the communities served by Aspirus MedEvac air transport:  

Times shown are air time only, from take off to landing, and do not include and pre or post-flight preparations.

Approximate Flight Time to Wisconsin Communities

  • Antigo- Langlade Hospital 13 minutes
  • Eagle River - Eagle River Memorial 32 minutes
  • Gilman - Gilman Fire Department 26 minutes
  • Medford - Memorial Hospital 17 minutes
  • Park Falls - Flambeau Medical Center 35 minutes
  • Phelps - Northwoods Medical Center 36 minutes
  • Rhinelander - St. Mary's Hospital 22 minutes
  • Shawano - Shawano Medical Center 22 minutes
  • Stevens Point - St. Michaels' Hospital 14 minutes
  • Wisconsin Rapids - Riverview Hosp 18 minutes
  • Woodruff - Howard Young 29 minutes


Approximate Flight Time to Michigan Communities

  • Ironwood- Grandview Hospital 48 minutes
  • Ontonagon - Aspirus Ontonagon 59 minutes



If the helicopter must land at an airport and drive to the hospital,  you will need to add approx 10 minutes.
If the helicopter is NOT on standby, you need to add 10 minutes to the time listed because it takes that long to check weather and get the crew/pilot into the helicopter and taking off.


To arrange ground or air transportation call: 800.888.8056. For intercepts, call 911.

MedEvac helicopter services are operated by PHI Inc.