Aspirus VNA Home Health

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the advantages of home health care?
The use of home health care may make it possible for a person to be discharged from the hospital sooner, to shorten recovery time and to reduce hospital readmission. Most importantly, people are happier and more comfortable at home amongst their family and friends – which aids in their recovery.

2. Who uses home health or supportive home care services?
People of all ages find that our service makes their life easier and offers them support during some of life’s transitions:

  • Those who are discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation center but need additional assistance
  • New moms who need some extra help while they recover from the delivery of their child
  • People who need some extra help because of age, illness or disability so that they can remain independent in their own home
  • Those who are experiencing short term health needs and could benefit from some personalized assistance
  • A caregiver for a family member who would appreciate the services of a trained respite caregiver to come to their home and take care of their loved one while they take a well-deserved break.

3. How can I initiate home services for my loved one?
Anyone can make a referral to Aspirus VNA by calling 847-2600 or 800-600-8296. Our staff will work with your personal physician to coordinate your continued care at home after a hospital stay or to assist with an unexpected health care assistance need for you or a loved one. Aspirus VNA Home Health Services require a physician referral in order to be covered by an outside payor source. However, Aspirus VNA Home Health Services and Aspirus VNA Extended Care Services are both available on a private pay basis.

4. How are services paid for?
Aspirus VNA staff receives special training in order to assist you on payment issues for Home Health Services. We will work with you to identify the proper payor source for the services you need and clearly review with you all options before your services begin.

5. How long has Aspirus VNA been serving the community?
Established in 1947, Aspirus VNA Home Health has been a leader in delivering professional health care to people in their homes for 60 years. Aspirus VNA Extended Care has been supporting people with supportive home services since 1987.

6. What happens if I need assistance on a weekend?
It is important to select an agency that guarantees the availability of care and services after normal business hours. Aspirus VNA has professional staff available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can reach us at 715-847-2600 or 800-600-8296.

7. How does your agency select and train its employees?
Aspirus VNA is an equal opportunity employer. We follow stringent hiring practices and select team members who enjoy one-to-one caregiving and are committed to helping people in their homes. All employees are screened through background checks and are bonded and insured. On-going training opportunities are available and are required as a condition of employment. We value the trust you place in us as we service you in your home.