Aspirus VNA Home Health

Physician Referrals

We’re here to help you.
Aspirus VNA Home Health is privileged to care for your patients. Our staff serves as your eyes and ears in the patient’s home.

Easy Referral Process through Centralized Intake

  • Inpatient – Home Health referral ordered through chart, and then called in
  • Outpatient - Call 715-847-2600 or 1-800-600-8296; or
    fax 715-847-2606
  • Patients have the right to choose, but Aspirus VNA Home Health would be honored if they would consider choosing us

To qualify for Home Health Services:

  • A physician’s order is received
  • The patient is in need of skilled, professional nursing care or physical therapy and/or speech therapy on a part-time intermittent basis
  • Occupational therapy, home health aides, and social workers are available
  • Patient consents to receive the prescribed services and is willing to follow the plan of care
  • Medicare patients must be “homebound”
  • Some insurers require patients to be homebound, others do not

“Homebound” – What does it mean?

  • A patient is considered “homebound” if leaving the home involves a significant and taxing effort. Absences must be infrequent or of relatively short duration. “Homebound” does not mean “bedridden.”
  • Absences of relatively short duration such as a church service, hair cut, attendance at a funeral, or a physician office visit does not disqualify a person from being considered homebound.
  • A patient who has returned home after a hospital stay involving surgery where resultant weakness and pain may result in his/her physician limiting activities for a specified time.
  • A person’s “home” is wherever they reside – their private home, an apartment, a relative’s home, a home for the aged, their vacation home, a caregiver’s home. If a patient resides in more than one home and must transit between them, this does not disqualify them from homebound status.

Successful Clinical Outcomes
Our patients’ clinical outcomes exceed state and national averages in most areas.

Clinical Advancements
Aspirus VNA Home Health is on the leading edge of implementing clinical innovations that will produce positive patient outcomes.

  • Telemonitoring is for anyone who would benefit from daily evaluation by a licensed nurse such as COPD, Heart Failure, Hypertension, and By-pass surgery. A Telemonitoring machine records weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, oxygen saturation, and blood glucose.
  • Transition to Independence™ – Program designed for those who will have surgery and could utilize follow up care in their home to assist their transition.
  • PT/INR Testing – Prothrombin time (PT) is the test of choice for monitoring patients on oral anticoagulants. In two minutes, using one drop of fresh whole blood from a finger stick, consistent PT/INR results are available so that medication adjustments can be made in a timely manner.

Staff Education
Aspirus VNA Home Health staff will come to your location to in-service you and your staff on Home Health Services or innovative clinical programs that have demonstrated positive patient outcomes.

To request an in-service, call 715-847-2600
or 800-600-8296.