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Before surgery, most people would answer this question only in terms of the scale.  But is the scale the best or only measure of true success?  Of course not!  With a healthy lifestyle, you will find much more meaning in victories that have nothing to do with the scale.

Dieting can deteriorate into a game of pounds lost (or gained).  But when it comes to being healthy, there are other numbers that are important to monitor.  These include body fat percentage, body mass index,  blood pressure, grams of protein, cups of water.  These numbers also matter…but don’t get caught up in the numbers only.  Beyond numbers, an entirely new dimension of success is waiting for you to explore!

Think about using Non-Scale Victories (NSV) as your new set of tools for success.  A NSV is an ability, a situation, or an observance that reflects the way your health, fitness, and overall life have improved.  A NSV is something you can do now, or have done, that you would not have been able to accomplish before your surgery and losing weight.  A NSV is any success that you enjoy in your life outside of your total body weight.  Maybe you can walk to the end of your street without pain or wheezing.  Or, you have discontinued using insulin.  Perhaps you filled your closet with great new clothes in sizes that you have never worn before.  All of these things are victories worth celebrating.  Rather than sharing your current weight or number of pounds you have lost with an acquaintance, you may want to share some of these NSV’s.

Some of the most meaningful NSV’s are changes in our choices and behavior.  It is a victory when we no longer give in to “head hunger”, take the stairs rather than the elevator, or exercise regularly and make healthy food choices.  Lifestyle changes like these are reasons to give yourself a high-five.

If you are still awaiting surgery, you can make a NSV WISH LIST, of all the things you are hoping you will be able to do after having surgery and living a healthy lifestyle.  If you have had surgery, make a list of your own NSV’s.  You’ve probably accomplished much more than you thought you would.  Some may seem big, some small, but none of them are insignificant!  All that’s left is to give yourself the credit you are due because you have embraced a lifestyle, NOT a diet.  Take your focus off the scale and enjoy all that you’ve accomplished!  

Survey Says!
Margee and Kristi are always looking at ways to improve the Bariatric Program at Aspirus.  We need to hear the good the bad and the ugly from the experts… you!  Please take the time to fill out the enclosed survey and send it back to us.  What types of topics would you like to see at future support groups? What is important to you in a newsletter?  Do you have any specific comments or suggestions?  How can we tailor the program to fit your needs?

Smartforme: What, Where, Why, When?
Do you have questions about high protein supplements?  Why do we sell them?  What do we offer?  When can I get them?  Feel free to email or call Margee directly with any questions related to our latest variety of high protein snacks.  715-847-2819  or

Future Support Group Meetings:
Our support group is facilitated by a certified Bariatric Support Group Leader and Success Habits Instructor as well as a Registered and Certified Dietitian.  Meetings are a free service provided by Aspirus Bariatrics.  Join Us!!

Night Time Support Group:
· Third Tuesday of every month
· 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
· Medallion Room

Day Time Support Group:
· First Thursday of every month
· 12:00-1:00
· On-line via the internet
· Call to register 847-2380
      24 hours in advance

Upcoming Topics:
April 15th:  I hate the Gym… Now What!  Come and learn what alternatives we have rather than going to a gym for exercise.
May 20th:  General Discussion and Q&A:  No matter where you are on your journey through weight loss surgery we always have questions to ask or experiences to share.  Come learn and share!
June 17th:  Successful Pregnancy after weight loss surgery.  Come and learn from the most experienced guest speakers, you guessed it… someone who has been through it.
July 15th:Tribute to the Losers.  A popular topic from year to year when we ask everyone who has lost weight through weight loss surgery to bring in an old article of clothing to “show and tell” your weight loss story.  If you need inspiration to stay on track, or if you have not had surgery yet this is a topic you do no want to miss.

Previous Support Group Topics:
Here is a review of our previous support group topics. 

December–We learned about the dangers of carbonation and alcohol after gastric bypass surgery.
January–We discussed the 6 success habits in common with successful weight loss surgery patients.  Secrets to success were unveiled.
February– Margee discussed the importance of being prepared at the grocery store.  We found out what is important to have in a well stocked pantry, fridge and freezer before and after weight loss surgery.
March- We had a great time with a Meet and Greet where we shared stories in the different phases in the journey pre- and post- surgery.  Keep those before and after pictures coming!  Talk about motivation for success!
Featured Recipe: 
4 eggs
1 can (12 ounces) evaporated skim milk
1 cup water
½ cup Splendaâ
2 tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp butter extract
pinch of salt
freshly grated nutmeg
ground cloves

Preheat oven to 350°.  Spray glass custard cups or ramekins with PAMâ spray.  Place 8 (1/2 cup) custard cups in a large roasting pan and set aside.  Whisk together eggs, evaporated milk, water, Splendaâ, extracts, and salt.  Divide evenly among custard cups and grate a generous amount of nutmeg over each.  Sprinkle a dash of ground cloves on top of each cup also.  Pour enough hot water in the roasting pan to come halfway up the sides of the custard cups.  Bake 45 minutes, until the custard is just set in the center.  Carefully remove the cups from the water bath, and transfer to a wire rack to cool.  Serve warm or chilled. 

Serving: ½ cup
Calories: 110 
Fat 4.5 grams
Protein: 10 grams

Support group members work together and help each other on the journey which gastric bypass surgery takes us.  We welcome your comments on this communiqué.  To share a recipe or suggest a topic, talk to either Kristi or Margee.

Both of us are available by phone or e-mail.  Phone:  (715) 847-0024 or 1-800-283-2881, extension 70024 or e-mail or 


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