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Life After Surgery

Bariatric surgery requires permanent changes in your eating habits that must be followed for successful weight loss. Your surgeon will determine the diet after gastric bypass surgery that’s most appropriate for you, based on the type of procedure you had performed and your individual health status.

Gastric bypass surgery a life saver for Lammert.  
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Please remember that other bariatric patients you talk to might be given different guidelines than you, and it is vital that you follow the ones given to you by your doctor. This is because different doctors perform different procedures, and these vary in how they modify the gastrointestinal tract.

Here are some generally accepted guidelines for a bariatric patient’s diet after gastric bypass surgery:

  • Eat slowly, chew foods very thoroughly, and take small bites

  • Only drink fluids between meals, rather than with them

  • Drink only decaffeinated beverages which are not carbonated

  • Drink adequate amounts of fluids to prevent dehydration and constipation

  • Choose low fat, high protein foods

  • Do not use high calorie, high sugar, and/or high fat protein supplements or bars

  • Eat a balanced diet

  • Take a multivitamin/mineral supplement with iron along with a calcium supplement daily

  • Avoid alcohol