Spine & Neurosciences Institute

Spine & Neurosciences

New Location

Aspirus Spine & Neurosciences Institute providers Andrew Beaumont, M.D., Sarah Becker, PA-C and Donna Leydet, PA-C have relocated their primary offices to suite 300 on the third floor of Aspirus Wausau Hospital.

The specialists at Aspirus Spine & Neurosciences Institute, including neurosurgery doctors, spine specialists, neurologists, and physical medicine and rehabilitative specialists, are regionally recognized for the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of neurological, muscular, and skeletal disorders and injuries.

Our neurosurgery doctors and spine specialists constantly refine their techniques and harness new technologies to tailor the most effective treatment plans possible and offer patients the best spine and neurological care in the region.

These specialists are part of a team of neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, neurologists, critical care specialists, radiologists, and physiatrists, who work together to evaluate spine and neurological problems from all fronts and chart the best course of treatment. This collaborative team offers patients a single point of entry, coordinated flow of care and a triage navigation system that really sets the Aspirus Spine & Neurosciences Institute apart.

Our Services

When you come to the Aspirus Spine & Neurosciences Institute, you have access to a full range of spine and neurological procedures, treatments, sophisticated diagnostic services, the latest surgical procedures, and the most effective rehabilitative treatments, including:

  • Spine Surgery – Our spine specialists provide access to the latest options for spine and back surgeries, including minimally-invasive procedures that get you back on your feet faster than traditional surgeries.
  • Neurosurgery – Our neurosurgery doctors, or neurosurgeons, are specially trained to perform surgeries to correct problems associated with the brain, spinal column, spinal cord, nerves and all parts of the nervous system.
  • Neurology – Expertise includes the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, from diseases of the brain and spinal cord, to nerve and muscle afflictions.
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Aspirus embraces a conservative, non-operative approach to care whenever possible, and our rehabilitation programs help our patients achieve a greater degree of independence as they prepare to return home.
  • Diagnostic Testing, Neurodiganostics & Radiology – Advanced diagnostics like 64-slice CT scanning pinpoint more complex conditions and treatments.
  • Neuropsychology – Our specialists identify and develop strategies to address each patient’s uniquely personal situation.
  • Outpatient Therapy Services – Whether you choose procedural intervention, medicinal support or total body therapy, our outpatient services greatly relieve everything from degenerative disc disease to spinal stenosis and arthritis.